This teacher “real bex”

Port of Spain, Trinidad – Disciplinary action is being taken against a female teacher of the Tranquillity Government Primary School, heard in a viral voice recording berating and threatening her students.

Tranquility Govt Primary School in Port of Spain

In the interim, the teacher has been pulled from classes and the school’s principal has made arrangements for her to operate from the staff room.

According to Education Minister Anthony Garcia, the affected students, said to be traumatised by the teacher’s rants, are being given counselling by members of the Ministry’s Student Support Services Division.

In the recording, done by a pupil, the teacher is heard saying:

“I warn allyuh. Tell them stay away from me with their ghetto behaviour. This school is like the worst thing. Just how the parents disgusting, the children disgusting. And tell them I say. I have flicking court clothes.”

“And doh watch me so (name called) because you sickening. Your mother have one of the worst attitudes. And everybody warn me about you. The whole school…how you go have she around you, she does thief, she does this, she does that. Ah say she know what time a day with me….ah will kill she. So doh watch me with the side of your eye with your dunce self.”

“Same thing…look…I ent talk five minutes about allyuh disgusting, ghetto parents and miss come to complain that a parent send a bad letter. Nasty set of parents. All of them should just hang themselves. All they know is to sit down and write letter. Why the hell they don’t go and find a work and mine allyuh instead of sitting down and harassing teacher and have time to write letter. They had time to write the flicking letter, they have time to help allyuh do the homework and make sure allyuh learn? Allyuh eh even know allyuh damn tables. Allyuh don’t know nothing. Let them send any (letter) for me. I will make allyuh sit down and eat it. Be prepared to eat it and swallow it. Because I want suspension. I want to go home for five years with pay and when I come back after five years is time for me to retire and relax my life.”

Garcia said that within a day or two the Teaching Service Commission is expected to issue the accused teacher a letter ordering her to cease and desist from reporting for duty.

Lenor Baptiste-Simmons, visited the school in Port of Spain this morning to get first-hand information regarding the voice note and other problems at the school.

Garcia said reports coming out of the school has left Ministry officials “very concerned and very disturbed.”

“Because it seems to us that apart from the rants of that teachers, there is a general feeling of indiscipline among not only students but teaching staff. It has been made clear to us that some teachers don’t seem to be able to conform to the regular standards of good performance. We have been told about late coming, we have been told about absences, we have been told about a general lethargy in terms of the performance of some members of staff,” he said.