Time is running out for Caribana

Denise Herrera Jackson        Monica Pollar

Time is running out for the staging of the big Caribana bash planned for next Summer.

That’s the concern of several members of board of the Caribana Arts Group (CAG)   which, after several months, is still locked in negotiations with the Festival Management Committee which has been running the  Toronto Caribbean carnival for the last ten years.

Up to last Wednesday, the CAG Board was meeting in ” yet another emergency session” to finalize its proposal to be presented to its general membership with respect to the running of the next year’s carnival celebrations.

But according to some angry board  members, the CGA under the chairmanship of Monica Pollard, is in no better position than it was the previous Wednesday when it had called the first ” emergency meeting.”

“Nothing has been resolved! Nothing,” said  one Board member who complained that the leadership of the CAG  seems to be more concerned about  ” which member of the organization is speaking to the press rather  than resolving long outstanding matters.”

” What we are faced with in the CAG is a lack of leadership,” declared one Board member.

“Can you imagine ? The year is almost at an end and there has been no indication that the CAG and the FMC are getting together to resolve the issues which are holding up plans for next summer’s festival.

The Caribbean Camera understands that a meeting of the ” general membership” of the CAG will be held in mid-January 2017.

” What this means is that nothing will be decided between the CAG and the FMC until after the meeting in January,” one official explained.

“And, of course, there is no guarantee that what will be put forward at the January meeting will be accepted by the general membership of the CAG. If the CAG proposals are not accepted by the majority of its own members, what then?” the concerned Board member wanted to know.

One official in the mas’ making community in Toronto said bandleaders are looking on with deep concern at the impasse between the CAG and the FMC.

“Masmen are not very much concerned whether the CAG or the FMC takes the leading role in the running of next year’s carnival, ” said one official.

” But at this late stage in the game, it looks like what was touted as a big bash for the 50th anniversary of the  Toronto carnival may turn out to be a damp squib,” he remarked.