Timmins group launches survey to better understand roots of racism in community

TIMMINS – The Timmins Economic Development Corporation (TEDC), with support from the federal government, is currently hosting a survey in the hopes of better understanding racism and discrimination in the community with the recently launched Diversity Awareness Project.

With funding through the Anti-Racism Action Program and working with a project advisory group that includes residents, community partners and people with lived experience, the TEDC hopes that the survey will allow them to build on the anecdotal evidence that community members have  provided, in order to make actionable changes. 

“Racism and discrimination have come up several times in the past through various surveys and focus groups and consultations that have been done,” said Madison Mizzau, TEDC Community Development Consultant.

“Through this survey, we do want to get a sense of what’s really happening right now and what residents are experiencing.”

Once completed, the information will be compiled to help inform the community partners, the TEDC, as well as other communities that may wish to use it as a toolkit for their own initiatives.

The TEDC announced in a news release that the information gathered would also inform a “public awareness campaign sharing individual stories and highlighting the positive contributions of diverse groups in Timmins, as well as a workplace-focused initiative that will provide businesses with resources and tools to promote inclusive workplaces.”