To our candidates: we appreciate your efforts

Michael Coteau, Leslyn Lewis and Arielle Kayabaga

When the dust settled, following last Monday’s elections, we sought to find out how many candidates from our broad community put their names up for elections. It wasn’t as easy as we thought, and when we were through we knew that we may have missed one or two. But our best effort yielded over 50 men and women who threw their hats into ring.

They were as varied as the composition of this most decent and welcoming country, tracing their roots to a wide range of countries. Not only that, but the 50-odd candidates were on the slates of all the major political parties.

That tells us that the “we” we often speak of are not a monolithic block of people, but they are as varied as the world’s peoples.  They represent every hue, and view the political world through their own prisms, seasoned by their unique experiences; that makes them and us normal. We like that. So whether they made it to Parliament or not, we extend a hearty congratulate to all of them and urge them to use this experience in the next race.

To those who either retained their seats or are first time winners, we want to “big you up” and to let you know that we will be following your work in Parliament both to encourage and to keep your feet to the fire. We are counting on you represent the side.

Best wishes on being elected to Ahmed Hussen ( Liberal – York South-Weston, ON); Marci Ien – Liberal – Toronto Centre, ON);  Hedy Fry (Liberal – Vancouver Centre, BC);  Matthew Green (NDP – Hamilton Centre, ON); Emmanuel Dubourg ( Liberal – Bourassa, Que); Greg Fergus (Liberal – Hull-Aylmer, Que); Arielle Kayabaga (Liberal – London West, ON);  Michael Coteau (Liberal – Don Valley East, ON); Leslyn Lewis (Conservative – Haldimand-Norfolk, ON).

We also acknowledge Black senators Wanda Thomas Bernard, NS); Marie-Françoise Mégie, Que); Bernadette Clément, ON), Rosemary Moodie, ON).