Turtle Nesting Site Ravaged in Tobago, EMA Seeks Public’s Aid

Leatherback turtles

In a recent alarming incident at Turtle Beach, Tobago, a vital turtle nesting site was reportedly destroyed, prompting the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) to call for public assistance. The EMA is urgently seeking information from anyone who may have details about the individuals responsible for this environmental violation.

The call for assistance follows the circulation of a video on social media, depicting extensive landworks and the distressing sight of crushed turtle eggs scattered across the beach. In response, the EMA, along with various stakeholders, conducted an on-site investigation this Tuesday to evaluate the damage.

Leatherback turtles, recognized as an environmentally sensitive species, are legally protected. The EMA emphasized the importance of habitat preservation, particularly during the nesting period from March to September. Violations against these protections are severe, with penalties including imprisonment for up to two years and fines up to $100,000.

The EMA is committed to enforcing these regulations under section 62(d) of the Environmental Management Act Chap 35:05, which penalizes unauthorized activities that adversely impact environmentally sensitive areas or species.

Citizens are encouraged to report any related offenses or provide evidence, including videos and photos, to the EMA’s hotline at 367-8824 or 226-4EMA, or via email at complaints@ema.co.tt. The authority is dedicated to taking appropriate action against those found in breach of environmental laws.