Tomorrow is closing day for submission of ownership bids to acquire Toronto radio station CKFG (G98.7

By Lincoln DePradine

The late Fitzroy Gordon

Tomorrow  will be an important juncture in efforts by various parties to acquire ownership of  Toronto radio station  CKFG (G98.7), the FM radio station once owned by the late Jamaican-Canadian entrepreneur , Fitzroy Gordon.

It will be the closing day for the submission of ownership bids to acquire the station, which some would like to remain under control and ownership of African-Canadians. The Caribbean Camera was told that at least one of bidders is from the Black and Caribbean community.

“I just hope that a group from the Black community can be the winning bidder,’’ a source said in an interview. “They just need to put their best foot forward.’’

Intercity Broadcasting Network (IBN) was running G98.7 until an Ontario Court, in June of last year, placed it in “investigative receivership” and ordered that it be sold.

The court appointed the accounting firm, A. Farber & Partners Inc., as the receiver.

Final licencing approval to the new owners to operate the station will be provided by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission.

“Whatever happens here, there will be a change in ownership for sure,’’ the source said. “The perfect solution is if someone from the community hits the home run.’’ 

Among those who have shown an ownership interest in G98.7 is Delford Blythe, an IBN minority shareholder and former chief financial officer at the station.

Apart from a petition lobbying for continuing Black ownership of G-98.7, the Black Action Defense Committee (BADC) also issued a statement calling for “government intervention’’ in the ownership matter, and saying that the Black community has been “exceptionally well represented by, and are proud of the contributions of, G98.7 FM to community life’’.

BADC urged officials at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government to intervene in the planned sale of G98.7 “and ensure that it remains under Black ownership’’.

Gordon died last year, leaving his wife Marvette as IBN’s major shareholder.