Toronto Caribbean Carnival mas fete sold out and ready for serious jammin’

By Stephen Weir

Ole Mas competition at the ball

 If you don’t have a ticket for this Friday night’s (26th July) Toronto Caribbean Carnival Gala put your wallet away.  Organizers of the “Beyond the Mas – A Celebration of Freedom” fete have told the Caribbean Camera that the 400-seat event is sold out.

It is true that if you snooze you lose, because what you are going to miss is a formal party where the guests are encouraged to come in their finest Mas costumes, and dance and play with the Hoi Polloi of Toronto’s festival world. You are also going to miss a luscious Caribbean dinner with island influenced cocktails!

“This is not your average gala,” one organizer told the Caribbean Camera. “This will be a fabulous interactive party where the ticket holders are part of the magic and the thrill of Carnival.”

Beyond the Mas – A Celebration of Freedom is being held at the Riviera Banquet Hall (2800 Highway 7). The event starts at 6.00 pm on Friday night and ends early Saturday morning at 2.00 am.

Bookstore owner and community activist Itah Sadu will be ringmistress of this futuristic party.  She will be helped along by Caribbean Tassa drumming, Cajuca Mas Arts, a fine dining experience prepared by a Riviera Banquet Hall Caribbean chef, the sounds of Ossie Gurley and the Truth, and DJ Vince.  This will be an all-inclusive event.

Ticket holders in costume will be invited out on the dance floor to let their fellow revellers judge their dress. Door prizes will be awarded.

As the organizers say, attendees will like to experience the Toronto Carnival’s newest and hottest party.