Toronto community activist donates hundreds of face masks ‘ to people in need ‘

From left: MP Julie Dabrusin, Joan Howard  and Cherly Saunders

When Toronto community activist Joan Howard started making face masks several months ago, little did she know that her “protective gear”  would still be in  great demand at  this time – months later.

But the dreaded COVID-19 panademic has not yet ended.

As she pointed out, there is much talk among experts and about a “second wave.”

And so the Trinidad-born activist who is a member of the Board of Directors of the East View Community Centre in Toronto,remains busy at her sewing machine turning out hundred of  masks  for “people in  need.”

Last May she  donated more than 200 masks to food bank members at the Eastview Community Centre.

More recently, Howard made another 200 masks which  were  handed out to people entering Pape subway station. Joining her at the station for the distribution of the masks were Julie Dabrusin,  MP for  the Toronto Danforth riding, and another helper, Cherly Saunders, one of her neighbours.

Howard currently works with Communities for Zero Violence, an organization for mothers who have lost children to gun violence. (Kempton, one of  her two sons, was murdered in  2003.)

The organization  has been calling on the federal government to provide greater support for victims of gun violence.