Toronto & District, Scarborough games

Cricket with Dalchand Bissoon

Toronto & District Cricket Association schedule continues this weekend with the following games:

In the  Elite Division of the Trudeau Conference, this Saturday (June 13), Civics CC vs Yorkshire CC, Spartans CC vs Vikings CC and on Sunday, Islanders CC vs Civics CC. All games are to be played at Maple Leaf Cricket Ground, King City.

In the Elite Division  of the Diefenbaker Conference, this Saturday, CCC-Elite vs Mississauga Ramblers CC at Mississauga Iceland Ground and on Sunday, OCA / Overseas vs Vikings CC at Maple Leaf  ground.

In the Scarborough Cricket Association, Premier Division, Conference A this Saturday, Bawa XI Cricket Club A vs Hawaiian Artic Cricket Club at Ellesmere Ground; Victoria Park CC vs Highland Creek CC A at L’Amoreaux Cricket Ground and Toronto Smashers CC vs Ambassadors CC at Ashtonbee Cricket Ground and on Sunday, Highland Creek CC A vs TP Tigers CC A at L’Amoreaux Cricket Ground.

In the Premier Division, Conference B, this Saturday, Scarborough Cricket Club vs Durham United CC at Ellesmere Ground and on Sunday, Ambassadors CC vs Durham United CC at Ashtonbee ground and Scarborough Cricket Club vs Bawa XI CC A at Ellesmere ground.