Toronto masman getting ready for Canada’s 150th birthday

Ted Eustace’s “Crypto-Lord of the Galaxy”

After ” high scoring ” successes as designer and builder at Trinidad Carnival 2017, Toronto veteran masman  Marcus Eustace is getting ready to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and the 50th anniversary of Toronto’s Caribbean carnival.

And he is planning to get the celebrations ” on the road in fine style” with his 2017 mas’ presentation ” O Canada.”

” As the name of the band would suggest, we will be portraying Canada in all its glory, ” he told the Caribbean  Camera in a telephone interview from Port of Spain earlier this week.

” And our Caribbean carnival which hit the streets of Toronto for the first time in 1967, will be part of the glory  which we will be presenting in our band.”

Eustace is also looking forward to launching the band, Native, in the Cayman Island carnival later this year.

At  the carnival in Trinidad, just ended, Marcus Eustace and  Toronto mas’ designer, Hayden Joseph, collaborated in the building of “Crypto -The Lord of the Galaxy” played by Marcus’ brother, Ted, who won the King of Carnival title.

The costume of the Queen of the Carnival – ” De Nebula” -portrayed by Kystal Thomas, was also designed  by Marcus Eustace who comes from a mas’ making family with a long history of designing winning costumes at the Trinidad carnival.