Toronto photographer Don Moreland dies at 55

By  Stephen Weir

Don Moreland

Photographer  Don Moreland  whose  outstanding images of  the  Toronto carnival scene have earned him the  plaudits of mas’ aficionados in Canada, has died.

Moreland  passed away in Toronto last Friday. He was 55.

For over a decade Don “Donnie” Moreland has been photographing  the men, women  and children who play mas’ at Toronto’s annual Carnival.  He and his team of photographers  have covered all  carnival events , including band launches, Blockos, children’s events, King and Queen shows, Pan Alive and the Grand Parade.

His collection of  Canadian Carnival photographs is one of the largest and most extensive in the country and  many  of   his pictures have appeared in  The Caribbean Camera.

In addition to his photography and film work,. Moreland ran a successful display company in Toronto.

He worked closely with the Toronto mas’ bands, building displays for their camps.

Mas’ camp leaders have been calling The Caribbean Camera to express their shock at the news of  his passing.

Moreland is survived by his partner, Susanna Noel, and her children Llevi, Juede, Divahd and Ivell.

There will be a “celebration of life” for  Don Moreland on February 17  which  would have been  his  56th birthday.

The time and location of the “celebration” have not yet  been announced.