Tri-Nation ferry set to transform Caribbean trade landscape

A regional ferry service connecting Guyana, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago is set to commence operations in three months, announced Guyana President Mohamed Irfaan Ali during the XII annual IDB consultation with Caribbean Governors in Georgetown.

From left: Guyana’s Irfaan Ali, Barbados’ Mia Mottley and T&T’s Keith Rowley

The ferry, facilitating container and passenger movement, aims to enhance trade relations and bolster food security.

Ali emphasized the plan to involve the regional private sector in similar initiatives to improve the supply chain and logistics arena.

He stated, “In another two or three months, that ferry will begin operations,” expressing hope that it will inspire confidence in the private sector and present an opportunity for IDB investors.

The initiative signifies the commitment of the three countries to address shared challenges in the Caribbean region, following the joint slogan ‘the coalition of the willing.’ President Ali clarified, “We are not waiting on everyone. Those who are willing to start an innovative project will go ahead, and the others will join when they are ready.”

Discussions commenced last week for a common Ferry Service within CARICOM, with the three countries planning to establish a company to drive the regional ferry service introduction. The company, featuring directors from each country, will facilitate operations.

During the meeting, it was agreed that technical officials from Trinidad and Tobago would inspect port infrastructure in Guyana and Barbados within two weeks to accommodate the proposed ferry service.