Trini family loses all in fire

A family of Trinidad origin have lost everything they have worked to build for several years after their home in Brampton with personal belongings and vehicles were burnt to the ground.

The homeowner, Winston Deokie he was watching TV when he heard a loud noise and first thought that his 76-year-old mother might have fallen. When he went to investigate, his wife alerted him to smoke coming from the garage.

They quickly rushed out the house through the back door. Deokie’s mother had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. His three children were not at home at the time. The family had been living in the house for more than 15 years.

His sister, Susan said that the family lost all their cherished memories in the fire, which was believed to be accidental.

“Last year my mom turned 75 and I took all the photos that she has had from many years ago and I gave it to her in an album, it’s gone, everything she had brought back with her from Trinidad when she came to live here is gone.”

Two other homes were damaged by the fire which started at Deokie’s home at 76 Beaconsfield Avenue, Brampton near Chinguacousy Road and Steeles Avenue. Deokie suffered most of the loss.

The fire marshall and firefighters spent hours sifting through the debris to determine the cause but have come up with nothing concrete.
According to fire officials, the fire is believed to have started in the garage from an explosion.