Trinidad and Tobago’s Rushton Paray an Entrepreneurial Visionary Turned Parliamentarian

Rushton Paray

Born in Guayaguayare in 1970, Rushton Paray embodies the fusion of entrepreneurship and public service that defines Trinidad and Tobago. Raised by a police officer and a businesswoman, he inherited a deep respect for authority and a commitment to community welfare from an early age.

Before entering politics in 2015, Rushton had already made a name for himself as a successful entrepreneur. Armed with an MBA and international IT certifications, he led businesses like Computer Technologies & Services Limited, viewing them as tools to uplift the community rather than just profit generators.

Rushton’s leadership at the helm of the Mayaro Business Chamber foreshadowed his political career. Dedicated to unlocking Mayaro’s untapped potential, he transitioned his advocacy from boardrooms to legislative chambers.

In Parliament, Rushton is a champion of innovation and transparency, leveraging his digital business expertise to streamline office operations. He embodies the values of “Availability” and “Communication,” believing that open dialogue is paramount.

Beyond his legislative duties, Rushton actively participates in Joint Select Committees and has contributed to over 40 bills and motions. Community development remains at the forefront as he collaborates with local schools and NGOs to enhance education and healthcare.

What distinguishes Rushton is his international perspective, gained through participation in programs and conferences worldwide, from Washington D.C. to Seoul, Bangalore, and Munich. He views global issues like peace on the Korean Peninsula, transnational organized crime, and climate change as opportunities for local impact.

Guided by his father’s wisdom, Rushton maintains a balanced life that honors his commitments to his country, constituents, and family, guided by an unwavering moral compass.