Trinidadian farm workers ‘in limbo’

Farm workers

Seven  farm workers from Trinidad who had been labouring in tobacco fields in Delhi, Ontario this summer are now ” in limbo.”

Their work on the farm is over but they canot return home because of restrictions during the current COVID-19 pandemic

Farmer Mike Bouw who hired the men, said they had booked flignts to Trinidad three times this month but that they ”  keep getting pushed back.”

“The Trinidad border has been closed and it was tricky to get them up here but now they are in limbo with winter coming,” Bouw said.

He noted that the men are staying in the bunkhouse on the farm ” and these buildings are not meant for winter livinhg.”

Ken Forth, president of the Foreign Agricultural Resource Management Services  ( FARMS)  told the Caribbean Camera that  ” we are srill trying to work with the Trinidad and Tobago government to get these workers back home but we have not received clearance.’

” We are not asking the Trinidad and Tobago government to allow tourists to go there. We are asking for their own countrymen to go home. We have tried to contact people in the government  but we don ‘t seem to be getting anywhere as yet,”

The  Caribbean Camera has tried several times to reach the Toronto-based Trinidad and Tobago farm liaison officer but he has not been returning telephone calls.