Trini’s daughter head at Trinity College

Nishani Chankar
Nishani Chankar

Prominent Trinidad and Tobago-born businessman Tony Chankar of The Printing Press is proud to announce that his daughter Nishani is now a female head at Trinity College at U of T.

“Today my daughter made us proud one more time,” he said. “After being awarded two scholarships at the University of Toronto in the past three weeks; keep reaching for the Stars Nish.”

He called it an amazing position and said, “I know you will represent your college well with the board of governors at the university.”

Chankar told The Camera his daughter has a legal mind, chalked up 100% in Latin and is suited to sit at the table with a top university as she represents the students as associate vice-president of equity for the Student Union. Meanwhile she is studying economics and international relations.

She also serves as a tour guide at U of T downtown, loves playing the piano and won the highest music award in her school in the Ontario Provincial Honour Band. In sports, she plays indoor soccer and rugby.

She says the secret to success is family bonding with lots of quality time at home and family vacations.