Turning sneakers into art – sneak this book under the tree

By Stephen Weir 

If your son or daughter has ever lined up all night on Yonge Street to buy a pair of designer sneakers, there is a book you might want to buy and sneak under the Christmas tree! Available only through on-line booksellers like Amazon.ca and Indigo, The Art of Sneakers written by Hollywood actor Ivan Dudynsky, is the book of choice for “sneaker heads” around the world.

“The sneaker is quite simply a piece of art. And why shouldn’t it be? Try to name anther item that combines sport, technology, innovation, design and fashion all mushed into one 12-inch piece of rubber, nylon and leather,” writes Jeff Staple, one of more than a dozen world sneaker experts who wrote chapters for this millennial-friendly highly visual coffee table book.

Haven’t heard of Staple? That means you are probably older than 30 and buy your sneakers at Wal-Mart.

He founded an underground street wear company in New York City. When his Pigeon Dunks sneakers came out in 2005 in collaboration with Nike, there were riots in the stores where the shoes were selling out. If you bought a pair consider yourself lucky, they currently sell for over US$28,000!

Sneaker culture is one of the most dynamic cultural forces in North America. It courses through the millennial world via fashion, sports, music, and especially art. 

The Art of Sneakers shines a light on the next-level creativity springing from the NBA Michael Jordan generation and is a celebration of sneaker art and artists. One artist deconstructs the most sought-after, exclusive sneakers in the world and turns them into dizzyingly intricate masks. Another uses nothing more than pencil, paper, and an insane amount of patience to create stunning, photorealistic drawings of her favourite shoes.

Yet another takes shoeboxes and cuts them into hundreds of pieces, shaping them into something like life-size cardboard taxidermy. With all the incredible offerings, this book brings together an unparalleled celebration of sneaker culture and the incredible art inspired by the movement.

The book is the brainchild of Ivan Dudynsky who catapulted into Hollywood as a regular on the hit comedy show Roundhouse. He also scored a role in the Disney film Newsies, and has become an award-winning producer, director and creative director.

This, his latest venture, is to make people discover and appreciate the art found in the global sneaker movement. His extensive sneaker collection fueled the creation of this art project. 

Just like the sneakers he writes about, his new book is a hot commodity. Whether or not you are wearing sneakers or bedtime slipper, you loose you snooze!