Tyler Perry denounces hate in Oscars acceptance speech

Tyler Perry

Actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry offered a message of unity in a time of division as he accepted the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at Sunday’s Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles.

“In this time, with all of the Internet and social media and algorithms and everything that wants us to think a certain way, the 24-hour news cycle, it is my hope that all of us will teach our kids from now on to remember to just refuse hate,” Perry said.

“Don’t hate anybody. I refuse to hate someone because they are Mexican, or because they are Black or White, or LGBTQ. I refuse to hate someone because they are a police officer. I refuse to hate someone because they are Asian.

.”I would hope that we would refuse hate and I want to take this Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and dedicate it to anyone who wants to stand in the middle, no matter what’s around the wall. Stand in the middle ’cause that’s where healing happens.

“That’s where conversation happens. That’s where change happens. It happens in the middle. So anyone who wants to meet me in the middle, to refuse hate, to refuse blanket judgment, and to help lift someone’s feet off the ground, this one is for you too. God bless you and thank you Academy. I appreciate it. Thank you.”