United Trinbago West Indian Association Scholarship Program

For any high school student with at least one parent

Tony Chankar Photo by: Tang Canada

The United Trinbago West Indian Association (UTWIA) Scholarship Program is up and running and looking for any high school student with at least one parent who identifies as Caribbean, and who is choosing to pursue post-secondary education at a college or university in Canada. The purpose behind this program is to support an underrepresented community and inspire Caribbean-Canadian youth to pursue further education.

Oftentimes youth belonging to minority groups and growing up in low-income families choose paths outside of post-secondary education to support themselves and their families. This scholarship will encourage community members to continue to work hard towards their goals, and offer an opportunity to those who may previously have had none.

The UTWIA, as an organization of Caribbean heritage, can relate to the struggles many Caribbean-Canadian youth go through. Informed by this shared experience, we are establishing this scholarship program to inspire our youth to choose a better path.

Many of our youth have the ability to achieve greatness but unfortunate circumstances can act as a ceiling or deterrent, preventing them from realizing their goals and potential. By rewarding their hard work and supporting them all at once, these students can become the doctors, plumbers, teachers, contractors, lawyers or whatever they choose to do with the support of their lives.

Chair of the selection committee Tony Chankar told the Caribbean Camera “Our group just wants to help the youth in our community do better because we know that they are capable”.

This year five scholarships of $500.00 will be awarded. To apply online go to https://www.uni-tnt.com/scholarship-form/


Carlos Maharaj, Tony Chankar and Steve Maraj