United Workers Party of St. Lucia Celebrates 60th Anniversary in Toronto

Catherine “Cathy” Duve and Allen Chastanet

The United Workers Party (UWP) of St. Lucia marked its 60th anniversary with a spirited celebration and fundraiser at the White Shield Banquet Hall in Scarborough. The event highlighted the party’s historical achievements and future ambitions. Key party figures, including Leader Allen Chastanet, Deputy Leader Guy Joseph, local chair Minerva Ward, and national UWP chair Therold Prudent, delivered impactful speeches.

Minerva Ward, the local chair, opened the evening by highlighting the contributions of the Canadian Caucus. “Tonight, we commemorate 60 years of unwavering dedication to the people of St. Lucia. This celebration is not just about our past but our future as a party that listens to its diaspora and strengthens its bonds across borders,” she said.

Therold Prudent, reflecting on the formation of the UWP’s international caucuses, praised the dedication of diaspora communities, emphasizing their crucial role in the party’s rejuvenation.

Guy Joesph and Frank McKesson Ford

The evening also honored individuals who have made significant contributions to the UWP and the broader St. Lucian community. Frank McKesson Ford and Catherine “Cathy” Duve were recognized for their longstanding dedication and service.

Frank McKesson Ford, celebrated for his contributions in sports, arts, and community service, received the first award. His journey from a young barber in St. Lucia to a community leader in Toronto exemplifies his commitment.

Catherine Duve was the second honoree. A devoted member and supporter of the UWP, Duve played a pivotal role in forming the UWP’s youth and women’s movements. Reflecting on her years of service, Duve said, “We worked relentlessly to support our party and country, driven by a sense of duty and love for St. Lucia.”

From left – Minerva Ward, Therold Prudent, Allen Chastanet, Guy Joseph and Ross Cadastre

Allen Chastanet, addressing the crowd focused on the party’s vision and the challenges ahead. He acknowledged the contributions of his predecessors and outlined his goals for the future. “Our journey over the past 60 years has been remarkable. We have built schools, roads, and brought electrification to St. Lucia. Now, we must continue to drive our country forward, balancing economic growth with social development,” Chastanet said.

Guy Joseph emphasized the UWP’s commitment to democracy and excellence. “We believe in democracy, and we must fight for it. Our vision is clear: we want St. Lucia to be a place where every citizen can thrive, where our infrastructure supports growth, and where our people enjoy a high quality of life,” Joseph declared.

The UWP’s 60th-anniversary celebration in Toronto not only honored the party’s rich history but also reaffirmed its commitment to a prosperous future for St. Lucia. With strong diaspora backing and a clear vision for progress, the United Workers Party aims to lead St. Lucia towards continued development and success.

As Minerva Ward aptly put it, “We are not just celebrating 60 years of the UWP; we are celebrating 60 years of unity, progress, and unwavering commitment to our beloved St. Lucia.”