Urban Rez Solutions takes anti-Black racism town halls to schools

Black Racism in Schools

As part of the Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate’s Anti-Racism Anti-Hate initiative, Urban Rez Solutions is hosting a three-part hybrid (virtual / in-person), town hall series addressing anti-Black racism in our children’s schools.

During these sessions, experts on institutional racism will discuss: How to recognize anti-Black racism in schools; what actions the Black community can take to combat anti-Black racism in schools; where students and parents currently experiencing anti-Black racism can find support.

The first session of the town hall took place on April 27, 2023 at West Hill in Scarborough. This was followed by a meeting last Thursday at Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute, Scarborough.

A third session will be held at Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute ( 2239 Lawrence Ave. E., Scarborough) on May 25, 2023 from 6:30 – 7:30 PM.

Acknowledging how difficult it can be to pinpoint institutional racism, the reality is that Afro-Canadian students are more than twice as likely to be suspended and to drop out of secondary school. Urban Rez Solutions is supporting Black families in identifying the unique issues they face and providing practical strategies to reduce the impact of racism in schools at all levels.

The three free hybrid gatherings will be a safe space to share experiences and facilitate the discussion between guardians, students and experts in the field of racism. Renowned social activist and clinical psychologist Dr. Joy DeGruy, the author of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, will shared her insights on contemporary social problems and the structural inequalities that Black students face during the May 11th session. Dr. DeGruy believes that, “None of us can heal this…individually by ourselves, this is a collective process and so…we all [need] to be engaged.”

Dr. Joy DeGruy and

Attendees will learn how to question, identify and analyze situations of anti-Black racism in schools; and be empowered with the information to find the resources they need to advocate for themselves, as well as others.

Through the lenses of Recognition, Action and Support, panellists and community members will discuss how anti-Black racism is impacting the academic success of Black students and “What can the community do about it?”

Urban Rez Solutions is a social enterprise with a mission to support the resilience of marginalized populations. These hybrid town hall events promote community advancement, widespread positive change and, are in alignment with the organization’s mission of education and empowerment.

For further information: Roderick Brereton, rod@urbanrezsolutions.com, t: (647) 287- 474