Marcia Brown ‘I Need to Know My Father’ returns

Marcia Brown

Marcia Brown Productions is set to revive the much-acclaimed play “I Need to Know My Father” this Father’s Day weekend, continuing a tradition that has captivated Toronto audiences for over 20 years. The play, penned and directed by Marcia Brown herself, intertwines drama and comedy to deliver a powerful narrative about family, classism, and forgiveness.

The Play “I Need to Know My Father” is a “dramedy” set in Jamaica, telling the story of 16-year-old Lisa Perkins, played by Krystal Victoria. Lisa, a product of Sarah Perkins (Tamika Wilson-Brito) and Jonathan Bonavich Jr. (O’Neil Taylor), is denied the right to know her father due to class prejudices imposed by Jonathan’s mother, Claire Bonavich (Michelle Dolly). The narrative explores the emotional and societal impacts of this separation, emphasizing the importance of both parents in a child’s life.

Errol “Naggo” Morris

Supporting characters add depth and humor to the story. Naggo Morris plays Roy Perkins, Lisa’s simple yet passionate grandfather, while Marcia Brown takes on the role of Louise Perkins, a devoted grandmother and maid. P.K. Radcliffe portrays the senior Jonathan Bonavich, adding to the complex family dynamics.

Marcia Brown Productions is renowned for blending seasoned actors with emerging talent. O’Neil Taylor, a theatre and film enthusiast, brings his skills from various productions, including work in the UK. Krystal Victoria, a singer and dancer, has appeared in commercials for Tim Hortons and Toyota and represented Jamaica at the Toronto Pan Am Games.

P.K. Radcliffe
Michelle Dolly

Tamika Wilson-Brito, playing Sarah Perkins, has a rich background in theatre, television, and film, including the movie “The Wide Sargasso Sea.” Currently, she works as a Special Education Resource Teacher. P.K. Radcliffe, with three decades of entertainment experience, recently returned to the stage with the award-winning spin-off “Little Black Lie.”

Michelle Dolly, new to Canadian theatre, brings her extensive experience from Jamaica, where she participated in numerous school and church productions. In Canada, she has dedicated herself to the non-profit sector and serves as Vice President of the Jamaica Canadian Association.

Tamika Wilson-Brito

Errol “Naggo” Morris, a long-time collaborator with Marcia Brown Productions, reprises his role as Roy Perkins. His acting career spans over four decades, including performances in notable productions like “Country Duppy” and the film “Super Bob.” Off-stage, Morris is an automotive businessman and community entertainer.

The play’s success is a testament to Marcia Brown’s vision and dedication. With over 20 years experience in Canadian theatre, Brown has created a legacy of compelling storytelling and community engagement. Her work not only entertains but also supports educational scholarships and other cultural initiatives.

“I Need to Know My Father” promises to deliver a memorable theatrical experience, filled with laughter, tears, and a poignant message about forgiveness and family. As one previous attendee noted, “I was so enthralled by the action on stage, that I forgot where I was and allowed my emotions to take control.”

O’Neil Taylor

This revival is set to resonate deeply with audiences, both new and returning, making Father’s Day weekend truly special.

This year’s season starts with the traditional staging in keeping with the Father’s Day weekend tradition. “I Need to Know My Father” will be at the Jamaica Canadian Centre on June 15 and 16. It then moves to Oshawa on June 23. A multi-week run is anticipated as word gets out. Be sure to get your tickets and support this powerful, relevant, true-to-life dramedy. For more information, call the INFO LINE at 416-843-8787.