Vancouver School Board to discuss anti-hate policy

Rita Baboth

A Vancouver School Board committee  is  calling on the district to hire an expert to create a policy for responding to “hate-motivated crimes and/or actions.”

The full board will discuss this matter at its meeting on Monday.

But parents are complaining that the process demonstrates the district’s failure to act quickly in response to instances of racism and hate.

One student left Lord Byng Secondary School after being subjected to racist bullying. She had reported a racist, violent video made by another student in 2018 that was shared on social media.

In the video, a boy who was then a student at Lord Byng Secondary school, ranted about how he hates black people and wants to physically harm them.

“His word was the N word which he used multiple times. He said they were stupid and stinky as F,” said Marie Tate of the BC Community Alliance, who watched the video. “He said he wanted to line them all up and throw an explosive in there and go kaboom.”

The Alliance has filed a BC Human Rights complaint against the district over its response to anti-Black racism in schools.

It also plans to bring a petition signed by hundreds of people to the meeting with the School Board.

Rita Baboth, whose daughter left Lord Byng Seconday School after being subjected to racist bullying, said it has been more than a year since the incident.

“It just seems like nothing being done after like a year, and not only that, the fact that they keep saying they’re actually doing something and they’re not doing anything about it, that actually makes me more angry,” she said.

“The reason we’re still talking about this is the same behaviour is still there,” she said. “It’s not only the school system: it’s everywhere. No one wants to talk about racism in Canada.”