Veteran Bajan mas man says there will be Crop Over

Chetwin Stewart bandleader

Veteran producer and bandleader Chetwin Stewart says he is confident there will be a Crop Over next year, but is putting Government on notice that if the festival is to be done at the customary high standard, industry players need to be given ample time to prepare.

During an appearance on Nation News’ State Of Our Nation podcast, Stewart said that under normal circumstances, he would need a year in order to put things in a place for a proper production, but given the fluidity of the COVID-19 situation, he and others in the sector would be ready to go should Government give as little as three months’ notice for hosting the festival, which was cancelled last year and only facilitated virtually this year.

However, he warned that word of a festival on short notice is not likely to produce a high-quality event.

“We normally need about a year to start planning a band, even though it can be done in less. Right now we know there is no Crop Over and it is time people stop talking about Crop Over because there wouldn’t be a Crop Over this year . . . . For band producers we need a lot of time because we produce costumes and you don’t just produce them right away. You have to put out a lot of money and you have to market very early. I believe that there would be a Crop Over next year, but you have to wait and see,” said Stewart.