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Canadians will host more than 60 events for Global Entrepreneurship Week November 13-19. During the Week, Toronto will join cities around the world, including those in the Caribbean, in celebrating entrepreneurs, the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.


How will you be celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week?

Valerie MacLeod

Global Partner, Haines Centre for Strategic Management. Calgary

I believe that being an entrepreneur is easier when you are in a location that supports entrepreneurs.

For example, being an entrepreneur in Calgary is easily accepted by the organizations with whom I work. I have no problem getting part-time assistance for technology, accounting, legal advice, etc. because there are so many other entrepreneurs in the city.

But of course, it is possible to be an entrepreneur in any city or country. It just takes more effort. I sometimes work from locations that have little infrastructure. So, I’ve got to think ahead and be more prepared.

For example, I am celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week by working from the Rocky Mountains. My clients do not see any difference in service and I get to enjoy the beauty of the mountains. I love being an entrepreneur!

Meegan Scott

Founder/Lead Consultant, Magate Wildhorse


In my research on the culture and practice of entrepreneurship in Canada, I found nothing documented for the Caribbean.

But a couple years ago, I was assured by Social Planning Toronto that such research would commence soon.  I have since discovered that the research has been completed. However, more is still needed to bring that information to the fore to inspire and facilitate the multicultural blend in delivering some of the best entrepreneurs and solutions.

During GEW, Magate Wildhorse will celebrate by sharing learning opportunities as Canadian and Caribbean Canadian entrepreneurs along with those in the Caribbean come together for exploring possibilities to co-create through the Focused for Growth Events.

Dr. Marcia Brandon,

Acting Managing Director, GEN Caribbean




Ten  years ago, I became involved in the very first GEW and conference in Kansas.   I have since been mobilizing people and entrepreneurs to action for the Week.

I will be celebrating in country with St. Kitts & Nevis for the Week.  While there I will be conducting innovation training and attending a start-up huddle in Nevis for Micro Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs).  I will also be conducting entrepreneurship training in St. Kitts.  On Friday I will be in Grenada conducting mentorship huddles and will be  the featured speaker at the launch of WED Grenada Networking.

Joe G. Thomas


Black Vegans of Toronto



The concept of self-employment, entrepreneurship, is not as foreign to black communities as some would have us believe. In early periods when segregation was the norm, black people did not have access to many essential goods and services. This created significant opportunities for enterprising members of these communities to start businesses to cater to these needs.

I am quite happy to see a resurgence of this spirit among many young people in various black communities throughout the USA and Canada. I will celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week by encouraging young people to look for needs and create businesses.

Dr. Ashley C. John 

Founder and Executive Director Constructive Solutions Inc.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

I believe GEW presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs and organizations that help to develop entrepreneurs to take time out to celebrate. We will celebrate GEW with the “Each one, push one up” commitment for creating stronger entrepreneurs. While GEW is a great initiative it is still too early to pinpoint its impact in St. Vincent.

But we are confident that it will and for that reason we will be hosting the Caribbean Green Tech Boot Camp Boot camp 2017. The camp is a part of our Developing Entrepreneurial Citizens programme.

Millicent Morris-Lynch

Poet, Author and Customer Service Trainer


 Being an entrepreneur provides a new slate to display creative thoughts and ideas that will have significant impact on your bottom-line. I am mother of two girls and living in Jamaica, where dreams are many but mentorship is sometimes rare.

I have decided I would be the one to change from 9-5 paycheque to working seven days a week to ensure that I have more than one income stream. I have encouraged my girls to do the same. In celebrating GEW, here is my message to my fellow entrepreneurs: Being an entrepreneur requires that you not only have a dream but a plan with a passion to fulfill it. I like what I do and this is also very important.