Do you believe that the revised policy on ‘carding,’, will put an end to the targeting of young black men by police in arbitrary and discriminatory street checks?

Tiffany Ford, Alton Brooks, Phil Vassell,   Abdullah Gamandie, Donna McCurvin, Roger R. Dundas
Tiffany Ford, Alton Brooks, Phil Vassell,
Abdullah Gamandie, Donna McCurvin, Roger R. Dundas

Phil Vassell

Artistic Director

The revised policy on carding does not put an end to the practice. Ontario’s new “street checks” regulation, which goes into effect on January 1, 2017 is an important step towards governing these interactions. But Toronto’s revised policies do little to eliminate historic carding data that is damaging, and in some cases unconstitutional. Politicians must devise a better plan to protect ALL citizens regardless of race.

Tiffany Ford

School Board Trustee

“The revised policy has improvements but provides no comfort to young black males in our community, especially, when old data obtained previously are still available and have not been destroyed. Unfortunately, as long as black males are criminalized and seen as a threat to our society, there will always be policing of their bodies and movements. ”

Alton Brooks

Director of Communications

Jamaican Canadian Association


I believe any practice of carding is wrong and inhumane. Picking on racialized groups of any kind should not be tolerated. The database of previous carding events should also be destroyed because of the illegal nature of the original policy. This new policy still has a ways to go to achieve a level playing field.

Roger R. Dundas

CEO – 404 Media Group

No, I think the new policy is window dressing, but in the store the same practices of discrimination and targeting of people of color are still for sale. It’s a first step, but more work needs to be done to eliminate racism, not just in the TPS, but all across Canada.


Donna McCurvin

Mortgage Agent

The revised policy will finally address the discriminatory practice of stopping someone to collect data based on their race. This is a good thing if the policy is upheld by all officers in the province. My concern however is  this: Will the new policy be upheld by all officers ? And what happens to the historic data? How can we ensure that the historical data are not used inappropriately?

Abdullah Gamandie

President – Lions Club

The answer is no. This will continue in no uncertain way.

Carding should be abolished  It should never have been  started and if the police is  going to card one group, then they should card  everyone, whether black, white or brown.

One group should not be targeted over another and finally you cannot right a wrong when the wrong was not corrected.