This week’s question:

With the alarming rate of violent crime, including murder,

in Trinidad and Tobago, do you believe it is safe to visit

the country for the Christmas season?

Steve Khan, Damian Sogren, Neill Rampersad, Michael Nickie & George Maharaj






Damian Sogren

Master of Ceremonies

Home is home.Things have changed and crime has escalated but it’s bad all over the world. Look, I just came back from Trinidad and I am going back next week.What’s happening there will never stop me from going back to the land the made me who I am. Look, it’s sad but Trini Christmas is the best.

Michael Nickie

Furniture Installer

No problem going home, I feel very comfortable going home anytime. I think that the crime happens in a circle. There are situations when people may get hurt but that happens all over the world. I take the bus and go all over the country. I take the boat from South to town and no problems. At the end of the day that is your homeland. If you can’t feel safe there, then where can you feel safe?


Neill Rampersad

Bell Tech

With the high numbers of senseless murders that’s happening in beautiful Trinidad, I feel that exercising caution to travel there is a must. It’s not only the murders but also other criminal activity that’s quite alarming. It’s easy to be in the wrong place at the wrong time in Trinidad because criminal activity is happening at any time and any place. I’d rather enjoy a white Christmas.

Steve Khan

Yes, I believe it is safe to visit the country during the Christmas Season, because Christmas is the season when peace and goodwill is being “promoted” throughout the country. We have to be discreet in everything, like knowing where to go and when to go.  We must know how to deal with  the local folks – that is, with respect and acknowledgement of their way of life and by showing appreciation for their culture and the way they celebrate Christmas.

George Maharaj

Calypso Historian

No, I am very scared to go home because I don’t drive in Trinidad .I take transit and walk and I have been doing that for a long time. Look, I have gone to Trinidad  47 times in the last 47 years