This week’s question:

Markham, Ontario sprinter Andre De Grasse who won three medals at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, is voted Canadian Press male athlete of the year.

Is he the right choice?

Tassailei Morle

Driving Instructor

No unfortunately not. I must say he ran alongside   the number one sprinter in the world ( Usain Bolt)  Congrats to Andre De Grasse , for trying so hard. I strongly believed that the day he ran alongside the greatest sprinter and came in second, it was his lucky day.  That’s not enough to give him best athlete of the year. There are other athletes that ran much better than he did. Let us see in the year ahead how he performs.


Peter Travaho

Insurance brokerage manager

He definitely deserves it. You have to look at a young guy who is destined to be the next big one when Usain leaves the scene. He has raw talent. He doesn’t have the physique as Usain but he has determination and determination is the whip that drives ambition to success. That guy will be successful. He’s well-mannered and  well brought up.


Carlos Maharaj


I know the right person was chosen . Just look at the  young man’s track record at the summer Olympics – second only to Bolt who will definitely be in the history books. And then the Trini blood running through his veins make me sway my vote . Hip hip hoorah for Andre !


Hyacinth Samaroo

Travel Agent

I think that Andre is deserving of the award. He works very hard. While everyone else was enjoying the Christmas, he was training in California. He has done his best to make Canada proud and we are all proud of him, I can’t think of a better role model for the kids. I think that he will win gold  at the next Olympic games.



Cornel Davis

Insurance Agent

This young sprinter definitely deserves it. He has come a long way in a short time and based on his performance in the Olympic games and prior to the games, he has proven that with Bolt out of the picture, he will take over and continue to make Canada proud.


David Peart

Sales Manager

Of course he deserves it. People don’t realize how big running is in Canada and around the world. He is the first runner to break out for Canada in the Olympics in the many years since Donavan. In about four years he moved from starting to learn what a starting block is to being recognized as a world class sprinter. Special thanks to Tony Sharp for finding this great one.