Donald Trump will be sworn in as President of the United  States this week amid concerns about several major US  foreign policy issues.

The question is:

Will the world be a safer place with President Donald Trump in the White House?

Sylvanus Thompson, Guy Mertial, Mike Murelle, Roger Dundas, Stephen Lesmond and Luann Philgence

Sylvanus Thompson

Ass. Director Toronto Public Health

Through has actions, Mr. Trump has earned a number of enemies on an individual, group, gender, race, religious or even international basis. This hatred and appetite for retaliation could result in an unsafe environment not just for Americans but the entire world. Furthermore,  none of us truly knows what he is going to do in an effort to create a safer world, as he has never articulated a clear foreign policy. This lack of certainty and his expressed doubts about his confidence in the American Intelligence Agencies are issues the world has never had to deal with, which could make it less safe.

Roger Dundas

Creative Director

It’s hard to say because President-elect Trump has not outlined in detail what his foreign policy will look like – besides the speculation of the media. We are hoping though, that he gets on with the business of running a country and minimizes his Twitter finger.

Guy Mertial

IT Architect

I believe that the safety of the world is in jeopardy with Trump in the White House.He promotes segregation, isolation, radicalism and discrimination which could lead to instability and trouble in America and in its geopolitical relationships around the world.


Mike Murelle

Manager, Auto Mechanic shop

I think the corruption has gone to a new height. He is a hardcore businessman with the world at his fingertips, I don’t think that he is going to look out for Canada. He’s looking out for Trump. He has his own media. I think the he and Putin will get together and kill the housing market and with that, America will become more dangerous.

Stephen Lesmond


I think that America is about to become a Third World country with the masses getting the kind of jobs that they did in the fifties and sixties without the help of unions and with prejudice running rampant against non-whites in America.

Luann Philgence

Welcome to the reality, Mr. President .I hope you get a show worthy of prime time, I hope that the people in the Office of the President will show you the way forward. Otherwise America will implode. And instead of building walls to keep people out, you  may have to build walls to keep people in America.