York Region school board Trustee Nancy Elgie who called a black parent a nigger, has apologized for using the racial slur.

Do you think an apology is enough? Or should Elgie resign from her position on the Board?

Tashia Antoine

Catering Manager

In my opinion, any form of discrimination or racism should not be tolerated nor have a place in our valued education system and subsequently, Elgie should not be allowed to maintain a position to lead or be an example for our youth. As an instrumental public official who dictates and now has broken the same codes of the Zero Tolerance Policy that she implements in our schools, Elgie should be ashamed and face the consequences for such unacceptable behavior or simply resign.

Her poor excuse-filled apology raises more doubts than reassurance. It reinforces the systemic racism and double standards that minorities continue to face right here in the GTA.

Empty Apology, Empty Conscience!

Keith Birmingham

Dental Technician

If the very board that she represents does not have the power to remove or force her resignation, why did she wait until the investigation was over to issue an apology? A PUBLIC apology should have been exercised immediately regardless of the board’s investigation or your “medical issues”. Further to that, why was it done privately when the incident took place in public?




Anthony Berot

Real Estate Photographer


No, an apology is not enough. Maybe she apologized to the wrong person. She needs to apologise to the community for her actions because if she doesn’t, she will do this again with someone else and use the private policy issue .It seems that she is trying to get away with it and not change her behavior. She shouldn’t have to step down. It is not a solution. It  may punish her but it will not fix the problem.  We need to change attitudes, not personalities

 Leslie Forbes

Retired Educator


It is my honest opinion that this Trustee should be terminated or she should resign vis- a- vis an apology. Being a Trustee is a very important leadership position on a school Board and doing what she did was irresponsible and vacated and violated that very significant responsibility and principle As a retired educator and Principal both here and in Trinidad, I cannot compromise on such an important breach of trust endowed on Trustees which they should practice at all times.


Ben T orres

IT Project Manager

The York Regional School Board seems to be at it again!!

One of the Trustees  of this school board, a Public Trustee, has used a racial slur against a black parent. In short….for this gross lapse in judgement she must resign.

He resignation needs to received in short order so that she can be made an example of,  so that this manifestation of clear racial bias does not rear its ugly head for a third time in this school board.


This is a school board.entrusted with a role which influences and impacts young minds! She has compromised her role by making these comments and must resign.

Zakiya Tafari

Interim  Managing Director

Ujima House

 In my opinion Trustee Nancy Elgie should resign from her position. Her actions last November were inexcusable and deeply traumatic to a community that has been forced to deal with this type of anti-Black racism for far to long.

The issue here isn’t her lack of professionalism.It’s that her actions were hurtful and unbecoming of a publicly elected representative who’s responsible for providing leadership in order to achieve racial and ethnocultural equity.