What do you think of Leitch's question?
What do you think of Leitch’s question?

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch is asking whether the federal government should screen potential immigrants and refugees for “anti-Canadian values.”

The question appears in a survey which is e-mailed to people who signed up for news from her campaign.

What do you think of Leitch’s  question?



Daphne Gabriel


 Affinity Group Enterprises


What are anti- Canadian values? The only true Canadians are the native people who haven’t shared the many blessings many of us enjoy? I consider putting native children in an old prison building very much “anti-Canadian.


Melissa Sukhu



I agree with her to an extent. It’s a great idea to screen potential immigrants and refugees but who decides on what these so called “Canadian values” are ? And what kind of screening will take place?


Richard Aziz



Leach is a wanabee copy cat of Trump. No way that this type of racism and hatred will ever get her elected in this land that we love called Canada. But then again we are talking about the Conservatives.

Ryan Singh



People lie and someone who is ill-willed will find a way to circumvent the system…Those upstanding people with values and integrity with be duly punished  for their honesty Leitch’s  question poses more harm than good for honest people who are not ill-intentioned.


Maria Meyers


The Grenada Day Cultural Association


I feel the process is not appropriate or smart  because they will never get the answer they are looking for, once the individual has knowledge that he or she is being screened for ‘anti-Canadian ‘ values.  Of course,  the individual should be entitled to his or her opinion and not be penalized for having a particular opinion.

Gloria Small-Clarke

Mental Health Nurse


I’m totally against that. What do the Conservatives think Canadian values are? I think it is a very discriminatory way to screen immigrants and I don’t think that criminals will give honest answers when they know they are being screened.