Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has announced plans to reduce electricity bills by 25 per cent on average for residential customers in the province and cap bill increases  for the next four years. Some critics of the plan say that Ontarians will pay less in the short  term, but that they will end up paying more eventually.

 Do you think  Premier Wynne’s plan to reduce hydro bills is a  sensible one?



Jemael Ramsumair

DJ / Graphic Designer

The first thing is that I like the discount but the truth is that they will find a way to get back that money in the long run. We don’t know what that way is now but they will find a way., This will cost the people of Ontario over 25 billion dollars. Where are we getting this money from?  As far as I see it, Kathleen Wynne has got to go!

Ramona Darlington 

Customer Service Representative

The reduction will only be a temporary relief.

The whole system needs to be overhauled. We are still paying higher prices than some other provinces in Canada. Hydro is very expensive to create but it has to be managed properly. Wynne is just looking to get re-elected.

Tony Chankar


I am now convinced that the Liberal was only voted in to waste our tax payers money on billion dollar electricity contract so that we, the average people, pay for her “Wynne fall” We are so screwed in this province, not even a bolt of electricity will help us at this time.

Remington Harinandan

General Manager

GM Crys-Lee West Indian.. Market

I don’t think that I will see a difference I don’t know what she is trying to do. If she give us 17 per cent on the overall bill, that may make a difference. But if you give a percentage off of this part and jack up on the other charges, that is as political move.

Roger Gibbs


As a layperson, I don’t know the intricacies of electricity delivery and consumption I am not an expert on the topic by any means but having said that I look at certain things and I think it’s a smart political move and a good economic move for families struggling to pay their bills. I have read both sides of the argument and I think that it’s a pretty good move. I think it’s a fair way to remortgage clean energy cost money and we have to contribute to that too.