This week’s question:

A report, released last Thursday, found that Jamaica-born Senator Don Meredith breached the senate’s ethics code by engaging in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a young woman which started when she was 16 years old. The report found that he did not uphold the highest standard of dignity inherent to his position.

Bashiyr Douglas, Dean Martin, Richard Charles,
Sadio Matthews, Shamar Hamilton, Tasha Burgess

 Do you  think that Senator Meredith should resign?




Bashiyr Douglas

Community Animator

Centre for Social Innovation

Wow. Of course the position comes with leadership, and comes with responsibility. In this day and time, he broke the responsibility and leadership of the role and made it a disgrace, especially with him being married- although we truly may not know the full story. Yes he should resign and get his act together.

Dean Martin


Canada Revenue Agency

I have mixed feelings. At the end of the day, I know what he did is not a good thing but on the other hand, everyone makes mistakes. If everybody makes a mistake and because of a mistake they should resign whatever the position is, then this world would be a pretty sad place. I mean we forgive people. If he’s really sorry about what he did, I think everybody deserves a second chance. So my opinion is not necessarily that he should resign,  as long as he makes amends for what he does,

Richard Charles

Sales Associate


Everybody has a past and a struggle they deal with and oftentimes we find people in power do things out of the norm. Because of his situation, in most cases, anybody would say yeah, remove him. He had a relationship with a 16- year old girl and I believe that there are two sides to a story. Whether or not he committed the act, or she agreed or not, they’re both responsible parties. It’s just because of his position and platform, it’s easier to point the finger at him. So do I believe he should resign? No, I don’t believe so.

Tasha Burgess

Make-Up Artist

MAC Cosmetics

I think that he should because I think that by law, the rules apply to everybody and he’s no different from anybody else.  So he was having an affair with a minor. Just because he is of some status or because of his status doesn’t mean that the law doesn’t apply to him. So he should resign. It’s terrible that he was married. That shows that he obviously doesn’t love his wife. But to be honest,his ethics are off.

Sadio Matthews

Call representative

Four Seasons Hotel

Wow. I think the hard part about it is because he is a politician.A lot of the times politicians get special treatment. I think he should resign based on the fact that that is really unethical behavior. Do I think he will resign? No, simply because he doesn’t have to.

Shamar Hamilton

Freelance Electrician

Scarborough Town Centre

Yeah, so based on what you told me, I feel he should resign if he has had sex with a minor. Especially considering where he works and his field of work. You would think that you would know better, do better- considering he’s married, a pastor, and all that. So yes, I think he should resign.

Bashiyr Douglas, Dean Martin, Richard Charles,

Sadio Matthews, Shamar Hamilton, Tasha Burgess