This week’s question:

Lantz Garvey, Vonroy Martin, Pandit Dave Doobay, Justin Josiah, Diane Nicholas and Denzil Joyette

Toronto police say that there is an  eight per cent increase in the number of reported hate and bias crimes in 2016, compared with 2015, but that arrests have decreased over the same period.

Commenting on the report on hate and bias crimes, released last week, Nigel Barriffee,  president of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations , said many hate crimes are not reported and he is calling for stronger legislation  to deal with the problem.

Do you think stronger legislation  is required ?

Lantz Garvey

Graphic Designer

Post City Magazines

Stronger legislation, yes. Especially after Donald Trump and the tone that he brought with his campaign. It seems now that it’s “cool” to be racist again. So everyone’s taking that as some kind of incentive to be racist idiots. So yes, I do think that we need stronger legislation, especially after Donald Trump’s campaign.

Vonroy Martin


Toronto, Ontario (formerly Jamalco)

Do I think there should be stricter legislation? Yes. I think there should be more restrictions on hate crimes here because Toronto and Canada is a multiracial place. We have a lot of different ethnic backgrounds here. So I think people should learn to live in peace and harmony right here on earth.

Pandit Dave Doobay

Hindu Priest

Toronto, Ontario

I came here to Canada as an immigrant – landed immigrant at airport. And I was aware of hate crimes in Canada as soon as I landed atn the airport. Up to today, nothing’s changed. Hate is all over, and they cover their hate. Coming from the West Indes, I know what discrimination is. So what can I say? Look at the United States. If the president can break rules, what will they do about it? Let it be for now. Legislation won’t change things.



Justin Josiah

Music artist & Network Marketer


If you for one can’t get justice for yourself through the police or some other authorities, and you feel you have to take matters into your own hands, make sure you do the right thing first and check up with the authorities to see if there is something that can be done. Never take matters into your own hands. Better to spread love and not create war. I believe in stricter legislation.

Diane Nicholas


Shoppers Drug Mart

There should be stricter legislation . Police may not be aware  of  many of these hate crimes. But if the legislation is stricter, people would feel more comfortable going to the police and reporting that they’re being victimized or that a crime  was committed against them,. So yes, there should be  stricter legislation  to  protect  people out there who may feel that they have no voice.

Denzil Joyette


Show Love Café

We need stricter legislation and rules for hate crime because it’s just going to escalate and get out of hand until they can no longer control it. My suggestion is to go into the community and get more people involved or go to the police and ask them if they could hire more people so that they can combat all the negative action. I think one thing they can be done  is to increase patrols in areas where crimes are prevalent – even try to get the security companies involved as well.