Devante Donaldson, Stacey Nolan, Nina Lue, Clement Butler, Stan Muiraead, Richard Moore

This week’s question: Violet Brown of Jamaica is believed to be the world’s oldest living person following the death on Saturday of Emma Morano of Italy who was born in 1899. Brown is 117 years of age.

Would you like to live to be 117 years old?

Devante Donaldson

Business Owner

Platinum Autowraps

I would like to live to 117 years of age, of course. I would like to be able to see different parts of the world and enjoy my family and all my friends while I am here. I would probably be travelling a lot  and would want to experience many different things that the world has to offer.

Stacey Nolan


Scarborough, Ontario

Sure, I would love to live to that age, if I am in good health and have a good quality of life. I would want to go on to the next thing after death as well. But what we have here on earth  is all that we know. I don’t know what’s after death. But I would like to enjoy this life that I have now to the max – while I can.

Nina Lue

Sociology Student

York University

Of course I would love to live that long. I could be a part of history. I would be able to go on vacation a lot, after I have retired and  so could enjoy my time more and reflect on my life and myself. People have lived through World War One, World War Two and the Cold War and have seen the transition from TV to social media. It would be great to be able to observe the transitions of human history throughout a long lifetime.

Clement Butler

Hotel Manager

Atlantis (Bahamas)

Sure, everyone wants to live to a ripe old age. That’s considering if I’m not to be so dependent on others and I am of sound mind, and can still enjoy my life. Old age is a blessing. But if you’re dependent on people, have a loss of vitality and such, then you cannot live to the fullest. So I would want to enjoy life if I am still of sound mind, because what’s the point of being old if I can’t enjoy it? Yes, I would want to enjoy my family, travel more and do stuff around the house.

Stan Muiraead



Why not? Sure I would love to live to that age, because if we get to a certain age, we are able to see certain things. It’s’ a blessing. It would give me more life experiences. I’m from a long-lived family lineage. My grand aunt is 115 years old and she’s not senile. She’s still conscious of what’s happening around her. I would like to  get  to that age to see my kids grow up, my grandkids, the next generation in my family and all.

 Richard Moore

Restaurant Owner

Ritz Caribbean

Of course I would. Who wouldn’t want to live forever? Most people would feel that way I think. I would be able to enjoy my life. But with the way the world is going, most people won’t seem to live past 70 years of age. Basically, if I had more time here I would want to continue to serve The Creator, help people to smarten up and spread more wisdom to all the people on this earth.