Michelle Ramnarayan, Adrian Davis, Arrecelee Archer, Andria Alleyne,Ishon Campbell, Phillip Ramsaran

This week’s question: The Toronto Transit Commission  (TTC)  board  has approved  random drug and alcohol  testing of employees in “safety-sensitive ” positions such as bus drivers.

Should there also be random drug and alcohol testing  of Toronto police officers on duty?

Michelle Ramnarayan

Stay-At-Home Mother Toronto, ON

Yeah I think that it’s just fair for the police to be required to do random drug testing too. People should follow the same rules – like speeding. Everyone has to follow that. So for police and even every business, random drug testing should be required, especially now that we are legalizing marijuana, I think there is a bigger concern that people will be using it on the job. So it’s good to monitor that.

Adrian Davis

Barber  Scarborough, ON

Of course they should. There are many reasons why they should too. If they’re arresting people for drug possession and they are using drugs themselves, that’s not right. They should be held to a certain standard, because they can’t be going around doing the same thing that they are trying to fight. I find that to be very questionable. They have to uphold the law themselves before they can enforce it.

Arrecelee Archer

English Student  York University

Yeah, but I think it’s tough. They can use drug testing as a way to discriminate against people of colour or minorities and stop them from becoming officers. But I don’t think it’s a bad idea either because as cops, they face murders and violence and they may develop mental health issues and  may be overusing drugs. So it is probably a place where drug use needs to be monitored. Overall, I think it’s a good idea but my only concern is that they may use it as a way to target minorities.

Andria Alleyne

Registered Nurse Sunnybrook Hospital

Yes, I think it’s a good idea if the police were drug tested as well. It’s people’s lives that are at risk if they are doing drugs on the job. I think for both TTC and police they are both important bodies  that require random drug testing because it’s all the same: it’s a public service and they are in a position where they serve and interact with the public. I think it is 100 per cent  important for both TTC  and the police to be tested for drugs.

Ishon Campbell

Security Guard Scarborough, ON

Yes I think so because everyone has personal problems at home. Police are  dealing with crime and drugs and instead of fighting it, they may use it. So why shouldn’t  they be tested if they take drugs. Instead of arresting drug dealers,  they may be affiliated with them. The TTC is the same. All employees have their own life outside of work and may have their own drug habits that can affect their work.

Phillip Ramsaran

Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving Estee Lauder

Yes, because I have seen police officers indulging in drugs and drinking. I really do believe police should get random drug testing because they need to uphold the law and they can’t do that if they are doing the same thing which they want  us to believe they are trying to stop, It’s hypocritical. They are people we look to for protection. So they have to be seen to be capable of protecting us.