This week’s question:

Do you believe that international aid to Haiti reaches the people most in need?

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Tonia Dyer

Former President

Association Haitianne Du Grand Toronto

No  I do not believe that international aid to Haiti reaches the people most in need . Of the 2.4 billions in humanitarian funding, 34 per cent went back to the donor’s own civil and military. Less than a penny of each dollar in US aid went to the government of Haiti, According to the Associated Press, the Haitian government was bypassed by the United States and the international community.

 Louise Noel-Ambrose

Event Specialist / Social Media Guru

It is with sadness and disappointment that I say that I know that the funds from international aid do not reach the people of Haiti unless it is coordinated by  grassroots organizations and individuals who are passionate about bringing about change in Haiti.

Moving forward, it is recommended that individuals living abroad only work with these organizations/individuals who have shown a good track record of their work in Haiti.

 Keteline Pierre

 Founder of Jericho Mobile Clinic

I just came back from Haiti. It would be nice to say that all international aid sent to Haiti reach the victims of the hurricane. However, I am skeptical because NGOs and  the Haitian Government received more than $4 billion for the 2010 earthquake. None of this aid went to the people in need or to infrastructural development. However we have to hope that this time things will be different. I believe that all aid should go directly to government and organizations that are working with the people of the devastated cities and villages.

Ramona Darlington

Customer Service Consultant

The sad but true fact is that most of the international aid will not reach the Haitian people who desperately need it. After the 2010 earthquake, billions of foreign aid dollars were sent to Haiti. But there are still thousands of people in makeshift tents in the country, Imagine! This is six years after the major earthquake. Now Hurricane Matthew has just added to the problem.