This week’s question:

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was caught on videotape bragging about making sexual advances towards a married woman and aggressively kissing and groping others.

He has apologized for his comments on the 2005 video, posted by the Washington Post newspaper.

Do you think that Trump is fit to be president of the United States?

The Answers are:

Lennie Fleary

Retired machinist

As I see it, Trump is a member of the upper or exploitive class and they don’t really communicate with the lower classes. It is known that he has not paid many of his workers which shows that he is an oppressor. I don’t think that he can represent most of the people of America. He wants to build a wall The problem for Canada is that we may have to build a wall to keep the Americans out.

Guy Martial,

IT Architect

Trump?  President of the whorehouse, Yes.

President of the White House ? No.

Despite being upfront about some real issue that America faces , the man lacks most of the diplomatic qualities that the US president must have.

Clint Gibson

Retired Teacher

No! He has no experience in politics. He has no problem in putting everybody down. That is not a class act for a president. I think that after this election, the Republican party will have to go through some soul-searching and a lot of rebuilding. They may end up with the Republican party, the Tea Party and the Trump

Stanley Gittens

Orthopedic technologist  

No! He is not presidential material. He is not versed in international matters and can’t function on the world stage. He has shown that he can’t compromise. As president, to get things done you must work with others. Trump clearly does not have the temperament to be president. You can’t have a man like that in the White House with his finger on the nukes.

Cassey Victor

Food technologist

Trump lacks experience in diplomacy. He lacks understanding of foreign affairs. He doesn’t respect treaties signed by other governments and will scrap them, based not on information but on his gut feelings. He just shoots his mouth off. I think that he has no respect for women. I wish they had come forward with their allegations before.

Ben Torres

I.T. Manager

Donald Trump is not fit to be the US president.

Putting the most recent allegations of sexual misconduct aside, Trump’s words and deeds have been consistently offensive throughout the election campaign.

He has offended people of different ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientation and  has proven to be egotistical, irrational and of questionable temperament.

The US president’s job, one of the most difficult public service jobs in the world,

is better suited to a mature and well balanced individual.

Donald Trump is not that person!