Cindy Ramkissoon-Shears, Roop Sharma, Joan Debby West,  Ronald Ramkissoon, Mary Lihua Zhang, Lisa Ramkissoon
Cindy Ramkissoon-Shears, Roop Sharma, Joan Debby West, Ronald Ramkissoon, Mary Lihua Zhang, Lisa Ramkissoon

Mary Lihua Zhang

Immigration consultant

Only those undocumented immigrants who have no criminal records and who have been working and paying taxes for 10 years and more in Canada, should be granted permanent residence. This is aligned with the ultimate objective with respect to our immigration law which is to permit Canada to pursue the maximum social, cultural and economic benefits of immigration.


Ronald Ramkissoon

Immigration consultant

Yes, I agree. However, this decision should incorporate additional factors apart from the time spent in Canada. Most undocumented immigrants enter through various means, legally and otherwise. and remain for compelling reasons. However, their situation must be assessed as a whole. A review of the effects (both positive and negative) on Canadian society, their establishment, family ties and the best interest of any children is warranted to justify that decision.

Joan Debby West


Undocumented persons living and doing right by the law should be considered for permanent residence. Not all may qualify but there can be some kind of vetting systems which could be used to qualify people who have been here for years, some for well over 30 years, but live by the rules and contribute to society. There are a number of people with children born in Canada and they are professionals. Some illegals pose no burden to society. So why not give them a chance?

Cindy Ramkissoon-Shears

Immigration consultant

Canada was built on migrants seeking a better life and were brought to Canada to work and build its economy.  In today’s world, migrants still have that same dream.  Regardless of their reasons for coming and remaining in Canada, most are making a significant contribution into our society, without incurring any convictions or charges or any other type of inadmissibility.  The Canadian government, by allowing these migrants to remain permanently, will be benefitting economically and politically and the overall social structure of Canada will continue to be diverse and multicultural.

Roop Sharma


Yes it is my opinion that if a person lives in Canada for over ten years, he or she would have established himself or herself. Some may have married and may even have families and children. I think it’s not irresponsible of the government to consider them for status. However, if they have committed criminal offences and have broken the law, then that’s a different story.

Lisa Ramkissoon

Immigration consultant

I do believe that undocumented immigrants who are long term residents for over 10 years should be granted status, providing they are law abiding, contributing members of society, established, not a burden to social services, where there are Canadian born children who will be affected, and where there are extenuating circumstances causing hardships. if the immigrant has to leave Canada.