David Rudder Calypsonian Rosalie George  Personal Support Worker Daniel Ramdatt Businessman Charles King Technician  Zubida Aziz    Senior Travel Consultant  Juda Charles  Construction Worker
David Rudder Calypsonian,  Rosalie George Personal Support Worker,  Daniel Ramdatt
Businessman Charles King- Technician
Zubida Aziz Senior Travel Consultant & Juda Charles Construction Worker.


This weeks question:

Who do you think will win the US presidential elections next week?





Charles King – Technician

In the beginning I thought that Hillary would win but with this new thing coming out, I think he has a chance. But if still hard to say if he going to win or loss. No matter who wins, the US government is not going to get anything done. If she wins, the Congress will not work with her and if he wins no country will want to talk to him. No matter what happens,  the government is stuck.

Daniel Ramdatt – Businessman

Hillary Clinton will win. She is a politician. Donald Trump is not a politician. He is a businessman though it does not mean that if you are a businessman you can run a country a better way. The email thing will change some people’s minds but there are strong Democrats who will not vote for a Republican.

David Rudder – Calypsonian

I think that Clinton has a better chance of winning the election although we’re living in a time when many Western countries have a phobia about immigrants and their own place in the world. Example: Brexit This phobia creates people like Donald Trump. Thankfully, he has done enough damage to himself for Clinton to squeeze through.

Juda Charles – Construction Worker

Hillary Clinton will win because Trump has no respect for the public. He is always ready to fight with anyone. Leaders have to be open to others. He can’t love America alone. This will not work.

 Rosalie George – Personal Support Worker

Hillary will win . Donald Trump is a waste of time. But with this new Email issue you can’t take him for granted. We have to pray that Hillary wins because Trump will be hell for us. I think she’s got it in the bag.

Zubida Aziz –  Senior Travel Consultant

Hillary Clinton will definitely win the elections. She has the knowledge, the expertise and the backing of members of the Democratic party. Most of all she has the support of women and the immigrant voters.  Her 30 years in politics will serve her well. She should be the first women President of the USA

Donald Trump may have the money to fund the campaign, as he has been doing all along but he definitely has no class  and most of all no respect for women…. it will be a sad day if he becomes President of the United States.