VIEWS ON THE NEWS: Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2020


One hundred and eighty countries, including Canada and several in the Caribbean, are celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2020.

To what extent do you believe entrepreneurship can still deliver self-actualization and financial independence for owners of small, medium and micro enterprises during the current pandemic?

David Martin

David Martin

CEO, SchoolToonz, Jamaica

Someone famous once coined the phrase: “there are no problems , only opportunities” , and yet another favourite of mine: “Never waste a crisis” .

This is the time for entrepreneurs to shine , we are problem solvers. We either innovate new solutions or we repurpose , rethink and adapt old ideas for any new paradigm we encounter. In the era of COVID19 ,  SMEs, small, medium-sized and micro-enterprises have the distinct advantage of being agile enough to pivot freely without catastrophic consequences. I have no doubts that the noble profession of  entrepreneurship can still deliver self-actualization and financial independence for its practitioners.

Schooltoonz:  visual and interactive communications, Jamaica

Dr. C. Justine Pierre

Dr. C. Justine Pierre

Director of Research and Business Development

Dunn Pierre Global, Canada Ltd

More than ever, because eighty percent of businesses in our community are small.

Now is the ideal time for entrepreneurs to develop, hone their skills and specialize.

In the era of COVID-19, specialization is key. There is no jack of all trades now especially in the services industry. Don’t look for a job create one yourself.

Rosemary Erskine

Rosemary Erskine

Fonder Nighty-Night, Toronto

During this time of COVID-19, entrepreneurs who run small and medium sized businesses are having to be creative, adaptive, experimental and vigilant with providing excellent customer service. 

With these ways of being for businesses, technology is at the forefront since face-to-face customer service is almost non-existent.  

Entrepreneurs have the ability to create ways to market their products or services in ways that will attract new and existing customers.  Existing customers now has many online avenues to pull from, therefore delivery on time, excellent products and follow up with customers are very important.  


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Karen King

Karen King

Founder, Peace Maker Gems, Toronto

Yes, one hundred and fifty percent.

COVID enabled me to get in touch with my creative side. Watching George Floyd protesters — people who would not normally take to the street but did so at risk to themselves, and looked so vulnerable —I felt they needed protection.

I google protection and found black tourmaline; I took the one I had to bed with me.  I  went to that and other stones that I found in my search. Something to serve the people trying to make peace in the world.