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Prime Minister Justrin Trudeau campaigned on a promise to legalize recreational marijuana and the Canadian government said it would introduce legislation by 2017.

Do you believe marijuana should be legalized?


Do you believe marijuana should be legalized?
Do you believe marijuana should be legalized?

Tony Da Camara

Retired business executive

Sure, it should be decriminalized There are many good uses for ganga. The problem is abuse and children getting their hands on it. By doing that – legalizing it – you will get rid of all the pushers who contaminate the product and can collect taxes on the sale of the product.


Luann Jones

Funeral Director

Yes, it should be legalized. Ganga is a natural herb and it is believed to have some healing qualities. The problem, as I see it, is the abuse of the product and the fact that major corporations will take control of the market for ganga.


Fabian Tores


Yes it should be legalized but available only for people over 35 years of age. Kids have to get their high for music or sports.Ganga may be a stepping stone to hard drugs. So the kids must be protected.


Michael Ramparas


City Wide Building Maintenance

One hundred per cent  absolutely it should be decriminalized.Some doctors in Toronto said last week  thatusing ganga is way safer that smoking cigarettes in terms of nicotine andtar.


Michael Murrell


Auto Mechanic shop


Yes it should be. First, it will free up the court system. Secondly, if used correctly, it can be used to alleviate health problems such as eating disorders while creating jobs and taxes,


Frances-Ann Solomon



Caribbean International Film Festival


Marijuana is an important cash-crop in the Caribbean and we should

have the opportunity to legally monetize it  so that it can contribute to

the GDP of our island economies.

Marijuana has important medicinal value, and should be legal

and affordable to all for that reason.