Vodou tour of Haiti to raise money for development projects

A tour company in Prince Edward Island is offering Canadians an opportunity this spring to learn more about the religious culture of Haiti, while providing assistance with the country’s economic development.

Sagrado Tours has partnered with people in Haiti to produce the sacred Vodou Tour.

But so far few people have shown an interest in learning  about  vodou, said David MacKay of Sagrado  Tours.

” There is  a  negative  attitude towards sacred voodou and  other African religions. Through its films, Hollywood has helped to create this negativity.  Religious fundamentalists have also displayed  a negative view about vodou,” he told the  Caribbean Camera

“But I’ve found it, through my study and my experience, a very healing religion, a very positive religion.”

MacKay  said  he would like people who are  interested in religion ” to know the truth about sacred vodou which is an important  part of the culture of Haiti.”

Part  of  the tour  will  include a visit to a vodou ceremony at a temple and to the ” sacred waterfall in Saut d’ Eau.”

Some of the proceeds from the seven-day tour will go toward development in Léogâne, south  of Port au Prince, where MacKay, an agro-business consultant, has been working on several projects.

“We focus on sustainable development,” said MacKay.

“Our research showed that the market for chickens is very good in the Caribbean and we started with a backyard poultry enterprise,” he said.

” So far, almost 30 families are engaged in the project.”

“We also have an egg laying barn with over 100 chickens,” he said.

“So we are working to provide jobs as well as  food.”

Guyere Theodore of Léogâne, will act as cultural interpreter on the tour which is scheduled for

March 28 to April 4.