Voting time again- Be counted

By next Thursday evening, we should know the winners in the Ontario provincial elections 2022.

The community candidates

Many voters believe that they already know who the winners will be.

They may be right. But let us wait until the polls have closed and the ballot have been counted.

Then let us see whether Doug Ford and his Progressive Conservative team will return to winners row, as so many have been predicting. Or whether Andrea Horwath and her New Democrats or Steven Del Duca and his Liberals will hold the reins of power.

We are not making any predictions here but we do look forward in these difficult times to good government.

We look forward to the promises made in the heated election campaign –such as pledges about affordable housing and help for seniors and low income people.

How many of these promises will in fact be honoured by the winning party?

And how many will be forgotten before the votes are even counted?

Earlier in this election campaign, we called on voters in our Caribbean community do their civic duty and go out and vote.

With just a few days left before the elections, we believe it is very important to renew this call. It is still not too late to mark your “X” on the ballot.

Of course, we can understand the cynicism about the election process among many in our own community.

Many complain that politicians as a group are all the same and their promises are often worthless and therefore in too many cases it makes no difference which candidate one votes for.

That is why so many eligible voters in our community do not bother to exercise their vote, whether in federal, provincial or municipal elections.

However, we wish to reiterate the point we made in a recent editorial: All politicians are not the same and voting certainly can make a difference in our lives.

And yes, in our first-past-the-post system, a single vote can make a difference between a winner and a loser.

We are extremely pleased to note that some forward-thinking citizens from our own Caribbean community are among the candidates in the upcoming provincial elections.

Let us hope that these Caribbean candidates will be given the consideration they deserve from voters of all parties who are seeking positive change in the society.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly drawn attention to the need in our society for deeper concern from fellow citizens for the less fortunate among us.

Let us hope that candidates from our racialized communities – Caribbean and Black – who are well aware of these needs will get the chance which they are seeking, to have their voices heard at Queen’s Park.

Go out and vote.

The NDP Team Andria Barrett, Marjorie Knight, Natasha Doyle-Merrick, Heather Vickers-Wong, Rhyan Vincent-Smith, Felicia Samuel, Gemma Grey-Hall, Faisal Hassan, Sara Singh, Laura Mae Lindo and Jill Andrew.

The Progressive Conservative Team: David Smith , Patrick Mayangi, Alicia Vianga, Charmaine Williams , Patrice Barnes and Mark Saunders

The Liberals Team: Selwyn Hicks, Marilyn Raphael, Manal Abdullahi, Ismail Mohamed, Granville Anderson, Catherine Mosca and Mitzie Hunter

The Green Team Jamaal Blackwood, Nira Dookeran, Jacqueline Scott and Karen Stephenson