Walk good, Rod Phillips  

By Anthony Joseph


Rod Phillips

Rod Phillips, Member of Provincial Parliament for Ajax, Ontario, has left politics.

Phillips came into public life with the Provincial Conservative party during the last election. He was a star candidate and has held many portfolios in the current government, starting with the ministry of Environment, then moved on to oversee the two most important departments –  Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Long-Term Care. The latter ministry was the epicentre of government opearations. It was also his last stop before leaving politics.

Phillips told the Caribbean Camera that when you are in politics, and don’t need the top job you have three choices – one, you can go down in disgrace having done something wrong; two, you can be rejected by the people; and three, resign and give your party enough time to get the right person to replace you in order to ensure an easy transition.

So as Rod Phillips returns to private life, the Caribbean camera would like to congratulate him on the work that he has done for the people of Ontario, and to thank him for being an ally of the Caribbean community during his short and productive tenure in government.

Phillips will be in office until the middle of February saying farewell to his constituents.

Walk good, Rod.