Walk to save men’s lives was biggest than ever

Walk to save lives

Loafer’s Lake at the scenic Etobicoke Creek Trails was the venue for the 9th annual Prostate Cancer Walkathon. Anthony Henry, representing the Walnut Foundation, emphasized the importance of prostate cancer screening for all individuals with prostate. He recommended that the general population start screening at age 50, or earlier at age 45-50 for those with a family history of prostate cancer. However, he specifically urged Black men, especially those with Caribbean and West African heritage, to start screening at age 40, sharing that he and his brother caught their cancers early through screening.

Henry expressed gratitude to community leaders and elected representatives for their presence and support, emphasizing that prostate cancer should not be a partisan issue. Notable attendees included Rod Power and Navjit Kaur Brar from Brampton, Martin Reid from Mississauga, MPP Sean Blake and Patrice Barnes along with MPs Peter Fonseca and Sonia Sihdu.

MP Peter Fonseca Honorary Chair Ivan Dawns with MP Sonia Sihdu

Leading the 2023 campaign was Honorary Chair Ivan Dawns, who successfully engaged his union membership in discussions about prostate health. Dawns highlighted the higher risk of prostate cancer among Black individuals and urged men to listen to their wives and prioritize early testing for improved survival rates.

Earl Williams secured the top spot in individual fundraising, followed by Jerome Weir in second place and Fenwick Nanton in third. The sponsors for the event were the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) and the Carpenters Union.