Watch out for Carnival’s youngest band

Carnival Redemption is eager to go on de road again.
Carnival Redemption is eager to go on de road again.

Here come the young ones.

Carnival Redemption, the youngest band for Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2016 with its own business operations and talented singers wants young masqueraders to know it has a home for them.

It’s a mix of pleasure and business, they say as they brand a marketing team called Nocturnal Events.

These bold young people said in a release, “Welcome to Carnival Redemption. We are the youngest band in North America in 49 years that represents the youth but also values the older demographics for Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival.”

According to Joanne Webster, the dynamic young leader, “Redemption values all masqueraders, bringing a new essence to the masqueraders while bringing a new essence to the Mas culture, as well as on-de-road experience that is inimitable.”

They pulled off a last-minute success in 2015 when with just two weeks to go, they formed a 70- masqueraders-strong posse as they teamed up with Fantiza Mas. They created the costumes by themselves, and 60% of those masqueraders were first timers.

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This time, they are more than ready.