” We still have a lot of work to do to achieve a truly equitable society ‘ – Kayonne Christy

Staff Reporter:

From Left Kayonne Christy (Inserted) Marlene Dei-Amoah (Chairperson Committee Against Racism ), Erika Alexander (Grand Daughter of Lincoln Alexander), Joyce Alexander wife of Keith, Keith Lincoln Alexander (Lincoln Alexander son), His Worship, Fred Eisenberger Mayor of Hamilton, Louise Noel-Ambrose of EvenToBe. Photo by Shelly Cameron

Kayonne Christy, co-fonder of the Black Outreach Leadership Directive (BOLD), described the late Lincoln Alexander  who served as Ontario’s 24th Lieutenant  Governor, as ” courageous, strong-willed, determined, and passionate.”

Christy who was guest speaker at the Lincoln   Alexander Day  Celebration in Hamilton, Ontario  on Monday, noted that Alexander who was Canada’s first Black Member of  Parliament, was “at the forefront of advocating for racial equity at the federal level. ”

But she reminded the audience at the Lincoln Alexander Centre that “while he was ground-breaking in so many ways during his time on earth, we still have a lot of work to do in achieving the society that he worked for.”

She noted  that “Lincoln was sworn i n as Canada’ first Black MP in 1968, and it took us almost 50 years after that, to elect  a person of colour…to [Hamilton] City Council? So what this tells me, and what this should tell all of us, is that we still have a lot of work to do  to achieve a truly equitable society.”

She pointed out  that “it’s one thing to break down barriers for yourself, but what is equally, if not more important, is breaking down barriers for others in your community as well.

” So as you’re on your way to become to next city councillor, or the next lawyer, or the next MP, or the next anything… remember to be lifting your community up with you.

” It’s important and vital that we support each other.”

At  the Celebration  at which friends and relatives of  Alexander were present, several students from  Mohawk  College  in Hamilton  took part  in  a  program of  entertainment  which included jazz, gospel. and  classical  music.

The  Celebration was organized by Louise Noel-Ambrose of  EvenToBe.