Wes Hall to be honoured as Nation Builder of the Year

Wes Hall garners great respect from the Caribbean community, as well as the larger society, for conjuring success in life and in business despite hash beginnings. His story begins in quite humble circumstances in Jamaica, where he and 13 siblings were raised by their grandmother in a tin shack. He said that pulling himself up by the bootstraps is a not quite an accurate metaphor for his life since there were no boots to lace.

Wes Hall

Hall is a renowned innovator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, widely recognized as one of Canada’s most influential figures. He is the founder and executive chairman of Kingsdale Advisors, a shareholder services and business consultancy. In 2020 he launched the BlackNorth Initiative, an organization which works to combat racism in business. And in 2022 he published his autobiography “No Bootstraps When You’re Barefoot”, honoring his grandmother.

This coming Thurday, Hall will receive “The Nation Builder of the Year Award” from the Empire Club of Canada, which, according to Chair Sal Rabbani, “is not just a recognition; it is a celebration of individuals who embody the essence of true leadership, vision, and dedication to the betterment of our nation. As the 2023 recipient, Wes Hall reminds us that we can all contribute to building a stronger and more united Canada through innovation, inclusivity, and philanthropy.”

“This recognition humbles me deeply,” said Hall. “Growing up in a tin shack in rural Jamaica, the idea of receiving such an honour was beyond my wildest dreams. This award is not just a personal triumph; it stands as a testament to the collaborative endeavours of every individual within the BlackNorth Initiative, the companies I lead, and the countless others dedicated to fostering positive societal change.”

The event will take place at 11:30 am on January 25 at Arcadian Court in Toronto. The award ceremony will include Mr. Hall in conversation with Dahabo Ahmed-Omer, CEO, BlackNorth Initiative.