Wes Hall and Tim Coldwell launch Indigenous real estate firm

Wes Hall, the Founder and Chairman of the BlackNorth Initiative, as well as the Founder and Executive Chairman of Kingsdale Advisors, brings his extensive experience as an investor, philanthropist, and Dragon on Canada’s Dragons’ Den. Teaming up with Tim Coldwell, a member of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, a professional engineer, and a visionary executive committed to leveraging business for social good, they co-founded Énska.

Wes Hall

Énska Advisors stands as Canada’s pioneering Indigenous real estate advisory and governance firm. Their mission is to cater to a wide spectrum of clients including First Nations, investment funds, family offices, institutions, nonprofits, and governmental bodies. Énska draws upon the impressive track record of its founders in scaling businesses that foster inclusivity within society.

Tim Coldwell, serving as the President of Énska, explains the significance of their name, derived from the Mohawk word for “one.” It reflects their belief that individual actions and entities can spark transformative movements. Their vision revolves around fostering shared value and leveraging real estate to bolster community wealth.

Tim Coldwell

The firm offers three core services:

– Real Estate Advisory: Providing expertise in site selection, developing project business cases, securing funding, and optimizing supply chain strategies to enhance efficiency and impact

– Project Governance: Curating high-performing teams and steering projects with visionary leaders possessing both executive acumen and industry insight

– Indigenous Capital: Empowering First Nations to pursue economic self-determination by offering strategic guidance in real estate, construction, and clean energy ventures.

Wes Hall underscores Tim Coldwell’s leadership in project delivery, particularly highlighting his rare experience in scaling a national technical builder as an Indigenous individual in Canada. This partnership aims to provide specialized support to real estate investors keen on enhancing BIPOC participation in major capital ventures.

Énska’s value proposition is straightforward yet impactful. By streamlining development costs and delivering verified social and environmental benefits at no additional expense, they enable clients to confidently demonstrate project advantages. Tim Coldwell emphasizes that Énska’s approach ensures ethical practices without inflating costs.

Furthermore, the firm advocates for modern construction methods to boost productivity and drive down development expenses. Tim Coldwell notes a concerning trend of declining construction productivity over the past six decades, stressing that adopting contemporary techniques could significantly reduce housing costs. In essence, Énska Advisors emerges as a trailblazing entity, poised to redefine real estate practices by marrying social responsibility with financial viability, all while championing Indigenous leadership and community empowerment